Knuckle Bandit Vol.II – Find the Love

This kinetic ring is specially created for the exhibition:
“Messages: Jewelry Speaks”
Aaron Faber Gallery, New York
Oct 3 – Oct 28, 2017
Together with 3 rings from my Goethe series they will be later at SOFA Chicago as well. 🙂

Made like a classic one-handed-bandit with two revolving reels. Invisible, within every reel, turns freely one steel ball – causing a (nearly) random and definite position of one of the four sides of each reel after coming to rest. Together the two reels build a word, one of them of course is LOVE – but as it is in real life you will find many different and sometimes strange things on your way finding real LOVE…
This – gamble for love – is framed by the lines of Billie Holidays jazz classic ”fine and mellow” from 1939:
Love will make you drink and gamble
Make you stay out all night long
Love will make you do things
That you know is wrong